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Hello, I'm MythicMistress. I have a large backlog of fanfic ideas and am looking for help with motivation and general support. I have a big list of ideas/premises posted to my journal.

Oh dear...I completely forgot about those kink meme prompts I expressed interest in months ago, probably shouldn't have showed interest in that femslash prompt there...
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Hello all! I'm Marianne, but you may call me Mari for short if you prefer. (I don't mind.)

I love writing, and first got into it while I was nine. I do poetry, fanfiction, and some roleplay writing with friends on the side. I'm quite booked on it now, and more ideas for an original novel have yet to come to mind. I found out a while back that I'm great at writing exciting, scary stuff. I'm one of the friendliest people you'd meet in person, and my dark side comes out through a lot of my fiction. I started to call it My Creative Darkness.

Currently, I've returned to writing this really intense, emotional, and funny (in places) Death Note fic, titled Crawl--after a slowiatus of two years. I started this other one, with a really good concept called Collide first, two years ago. Then, I found this awesome story on fanfiction.net, "God of the Machine", by The Carnivorous Muffin. Very well thought out and described! It's believable, and the developing bond between the original character and Light as they become friends to the interesting twist of what L does is just wonderful.

This fic first caused the appearance of a premise bunny I wasn't sure I could make room for, so it would give birth to the sinister plot bunnies a twisted death god would want to cuddle. It wasn't until I found a song ("Watch You Crawl", by Red) that made me decide to write it. (It's such an interesting coincidence that the word collide is in the chorus of the lyrics of that very song. Or, had this been a part of the premise bunny's plan? :-O Wow, what a sneaky and clever critter! XD It knows everything!)

It's a great challenge, this story. It's a bit hard, because it gets really emotional. Wow, Light Yagami being seriously angry is terrifying. My own character's fears, paranoias, and resentments are written out realistically. I've been managing so far, but I hope it doesn't get too tough to write later on! The comic relief should help, at least a little.

Once in a while, if I'm in the mood, I do freestyle poetry. Most do not rhyme (because I learned it doesn't have to), and there's actually one I wrote and started an actual song for. I do my own music, mostly on the PC. Carcassonne Overview is one I'm stuck on though. It's just so much to do and I got stuck, so it's been on hold for a while now. It's not the poem itself, but the music composition I've come into trouble with... It's a cute and geeky song project I won't entirely abandon though!

I'm overall glad I found this community. It looks awesome, and I think this community should help me not have the Death Note fics go into another 2 year slowiatus again. (Collide is popular on FF.net, and in time I feel Crawl might get more hype, if I keep up with it...) I've also befriended a member, and became buddies with [personal profile] kalloway before that. :D I wouldn't mind getting to know more of you.
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Hi, I'm [personal profile] ldybastet, here and on LJ and AO3. I've been part of this merry group for two years or so, I think. It's been a great help as I've been wrestling with my writing.

I'm a slow writer, not at all good at churning out thousands of words each day, or even each week. (No NaNoWriMo for me!) But I am plodding on, and adding words little by little. A persistent writer's block keeps popping up to make things difficult at times, but I have learned a few tricks... Mostly though, I know that stress is killing my creativity.

I started writing fanfic in 2003, in LotR fandom, because someone said I could never write the Balrog of Moria/Witch-King of Angmar slash, and make it sort of believable. I just had to prove them wrong. ;) Since then, I've mostly written porn, lots of kink, and mostly one-shots in a number of fandoms (HP being the largest of them). I just can't write huge, long fics of Big Bang length so those challenges are right out for me. And deadlines paralyzes me. Sadly, I'm also one of the world's top procrastinators! So it's easiest for me to write when not alone, but when someone else is also writing and I know I have to produce a word count.

To feed my own (and my friends') need for kinky, porny prompts and challenges, I started a slash-friendly kink challenge here on DW when kink bingo went on hiatus last year: [community profile] seasonofkink. It's proven to be a never-ending well of fun prompts, and I have a few bingo cards here that I still need to fill completely. So, I expect my list of bunnies to grow as I get more ideas for them! :D

Right now, I'm writing mostly for a Japanese rock band fandom (the GazettE), so it's all about the RPF for me, with the occasional detour into a few anime/manga fandoms.
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I'm The RCK ([archiveofourown.org profile] the_rck). I've been writing fic for about fourteen years. Before that, I wrote a lot of LARP scenarios. Before that, I majored in creative writing as an undergraduate (if I had it to do over, I probably wouldn't do that).

I write relatively slowly-- In a good year, I manage about six stories or chapters of longer works. One of my goals is to start writing faster so that I can actually get some of my stories done. I sign up for a lot of exchanges; some years, that's all the writing I do. Last year, I did Remix Redux, Not Prime Time, and Yuletide. Most years I do more, but last year, I was hoping to complete work on some chapters of my big WIP, Rheotaxis. I didn't. I'm utterly blocked on that one, but I tried.

I am disabled due to a combination of generalized anxiety and physical difficulties, mostly related to fibromyalgia. I am married and have one child, a girl who's eleven who doesn't understand why on earth I want to write. (She has read a little bit of fic in The Heroes of Olympus fandom, but she has no interest in writing it. She says she hates writing. We'll see if that ever changes. I used to hate writing when I was her age.)

I write in a lot of different fandoms, but I've written twenty stories for Weiss Kreuz, an anime about young men who are florist by day and vigilante assassins by night. Most of my plot bunnies are for Weiss Kreuz. I've also written seven stories for The Chronicles of Narnia and have two plot bunnies for that. The rest of my stories flit from fandom to fandom.

I still want to crank out a few chapters of Rheotaxis. I've been working on that for fourteen years, and I'd really like to finish it. Until I figure out how to get it moving again, however, I'm going to write whatever seems to be flowing at the moment. I've got about a dozen fanfics that I've started and not yet finished and (I think) four original works likewise. Those are the only ones I'm counting as active bunnies. I hope to finish some of them this year. At least six of those are certain to be novel length, so I'll settle for making any progress on those.

I like to do word wars/writing sprints. I make my best progress on stories when I do those. Something about having someone else writing at the same time gets me moving. I'm mostly online between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Eastern time and (with more distractions because my family is home) between 3 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., weekdays. Weekends are more likely to be interrupted, but I'm online a lot then, too. I keep AIM open almost all of the time, and I'm in the Yuletide IRC a lot. Gchat is possible, but I sometimes miss things there because I'm doing something else and don't think to check there.
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A Hyperfocused introduction: I've been here about a year, I think, mostly in observational lurker mode. I've been writing almost as long as I've been reading, it seems. My gateway drug was poetry, and it will probably always be my comfort zone.

While I've always been fannish, I started writing fic in earnest in 2002, when I fell in love with Smallville, or more specifically, I fell in love with Clark and Lex falling for each other. I've since branched out into a bunch of other fandoms. Mostly slash, but not exclusively.

Now I'm slowly coming out of a rough patch that started in mid 2010. I spent three months in the hospital/rehab after surgery for a diabetic foot wound, and had a very difficult time getting back to fic writing mode. My dad died in December 2011, which didn't exactly help matters. I managed about a drabble's worth of Sports Night for the Porn Battle in 2011, a Yuletide treat, and McShepMatch in 2012; 6 Yuletide things (1 fic and 5 tiny treats) in 2013. Things picked up some in the last quarter of 2014, thanks in good part to Fan_Flashworks, which gave me plotbunnies I felt fairly comfortable attempting.

I'm hoping to get things flowing again, and maybe try something new. Except for a few drabbles and poems, I haven't really written a new fandom since my writing crisis started. I've read a lot, but haven't had the confidence to do much with it. I do have some long-standing (long-hopping?) bunnies I'd like to write, and need a kick in the ass encouragement to do, assuming I even can. I'm much better with character studies, and vignettes than long and plotty. Hopefully there'll be a zombie revival for my plotbunnies here.

If you want to read me, I'm Hyperfocused on LJ, too. My AO3 is http://archiveofourown.org/users/HYPERFocused/works
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 Hi, everyone! I'm Kryss and I'm new to this community, which I'm excited to be participating in!  Most of my stuff can be found over at my livejournal.

I've been writing since around 2001 or 2002. I write more fanfiction than anything. I've tried my hand at original once or twice, and my creative writing teacher in college destroyed any want I had for trying to build my own verse, let alone try and sell my work. I bounce between fandoms that I'm interested in at the time, mostly video games and anime/manga types. If i'm writing something in one fandom, I absolutely have to stay away from watching/reading another one cause like most people the shinny new stuff will always draw me.

I have many many (too many!) half finished projects, named and everything, just needs to be edited and revised. And my goal this year is to try and work through them and get them ready for posting. I enjoy my pass time greatly, and at one point I wanted to be an author, but now I just want to let others enjoy what I enjoy doing. The genres that I can be found writing is either romance or friendship type stuff, since I'm a hopeless romantic! A good portion of the items on my list could probably be written in drabbles or even just short fic style, which hopefully, I'll get a chance to tackle them.

Another one of my goals for this year is to broaden my genre spectrum as well as work on some of the chaptered works that I have had in rough drafts for several years, one of my earliest ones being from 2004.


Feb. 8th, 2015 04:30 pm
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Hello! I joined the community sometime last year, but I have changed accounts ever since. Unlike 2014, I intend to participate more often, even if a part of me has some doubts about what I'll be able to accomplish. I'm a procrastinator by nature, but I love planning. Even more than writing, I dare say. Perhaps that's what keeps me going, since it would feel like a waste to plan so much without having anything to show for it. Sunk cost fallacy, perhaps, but I would like to reach certain goals nonetheless.

Except for a few dips into original fiction, I write fanfiction exclusively since 2004. Most of my fics have been one-shots, too. I also draw from time to time, but I take longer than I do when it comes to writing. That doesn't prevent me from having projects such as illustrating my stories, even if I haven't so far. I find it difficult.

As for fandoms, I enjoy and have enjoyed several series, but to get hooked enough to produce fanworks on a regular basis is rare for me. I used to be big on Saint Seiya, but I only write about Hetalia nowadays, with a heavy focus on my favorite pairing.

I currently have around 40 bunnies, but I look forward to deleting quite a few for good. I also would like to finish a looong fic I have been planning since 2008/2009, which has 20 chapters so far. I stopped at some point, thinking I needed to plan and research things more thoroughly, and since I love this kind of mindless research, let's just say it has been like falling down the proverbial rabbit hole. That's apt, perhaps, considering the topic of plot bunnies. ^^
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Hey all, I'm [personal profile] fuchsian! I was also around for most of last year, although I bought a name change token.

I'm mostly a fanfiction writer— I write a lot for Kuroko no Basuke, but recently I've gotten really into Teen Wolf as well. I always have a lot

In terms of writing, my main goals for this year is to write more essays, poetry, and original fiction, and I want to work more on writing longer things. I also really want to improve my editing— and I really need to make an effort to get better about seeking out beta readers. I also really want to improve my planning because I think I get kind of trapped once I have an initial draft and I don't know always know how to get from the initial draft to something postable.

Also, I think my first order of business is going to be finding a better piece of writing software. I've been thinking about just ponying up for Scrivener, but I'm wondering if any of you guys know of something else that might be helpful? Thanks!

I'm really excited for another year of ODBP!
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Hi! I'm Kay, I think I've been here maybe a year? Though I haven't participated much because last year was a wash in terms of a lot of things, including writing.

I write original fic 99% of the time, and always have. I've dabbled in fanfic a few times but haven't written any new fanfic since 2010. Preferred genres tend to be in the science fiction/fantasy/spec fic range, though I have been known to dip my toe into other genres.

My weakness is the short story. I can take a simple idea and spin it into a 100,000 word novel, and I love writing slice-of-life vignettes (to the point that at the moment they're kind of interfering with my longer projects), but I have not yet managed to master the art of having a coherent plot and keeping it short. It's something I'm working on.

I've never tried to sell anything or write for profit, as I see this as mostly a fun hobby and I am not willing to give up my day job (which I actually really love) to try and make a living at it. This year, however, I am tentatively trying out some crowdfunding by having themed prompt calls every other month (the next one will be in March). Too early to tell if it's something I'll want to continue in the future.
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Hi I'm Alassenya, member since February 2014. I've written since childhood but only started writing fanfic in 2003. I have several active fandoms at the moment but writing output has been slow. I'm retiring shortly so I hope to get a lot more written this year and in the years to come.

I tend to write long, character-driven, novel-length fics so every single plot bunny that hits me is like a huge landmine rather than a bullet. However, after only one year here I've had the courage to re-classify nearly half my bunnies as "abandoned" -- not deleted (never deleted!), but shifted to another place in the computer where I don't have to see their beady little eyes glaring at me every time I log in.

ODPB has also given me the excuse (not that I really needed one) to develop a whole new spreadsheet system complete with pretty colours. Spreadsheets are my kryptonite -- I will happily spend hours adding bits to the timeline or the character sheets or calculating words per hour rather than actually setting words down in the story -- but a spreadsheet that requires me to record my words written and work status does give me a little more incentive to write.

I'm also posting a meme over thirty weeks this year which requires me to review and discuss my own work -- it has proven to be very helpful in identifying some themes and traits that I had not previously noted, and at least makes me write something every week.
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Hullo, I'm Jenna and I've been a member of this comm for a year. I've been making up stories for as long as I can remember and I decided To Be A Writer when I was nine. It took a while to actually get 'er done: I wrote a lot of first chapters for a long time, and then discovered fanfic back in the late '90s, which not only got me through some tough times but also taught me how to write for an audience. I published my first novel in 2007 and I've got three more novels and about two dozen short stories out now.

Back in 2011 I lost my job of ten years, and while I looked for a new one I decided to treat writing as my full-time job as much as possible. I hoped that the dedication and time I could put into writing would help keep me afloat. Things...did not go as planned.

I've been kind of having a crisis of faith about this whole writing thing, because if the only thing I've wanted to be my whole life doesn't work, then what? So I've been trying to find some other avenues--I mean, the important thing is to make a living as a writer, and if it's not as a novelist then there are other things to try. To that end, I'm trying to finish a pilot to submit to an episodic writing fellowship with the Sundance Institute, and this may be the year I finally finish the biopic screenplay I've been working on, off-and-on, mostly off, for the last eight years.

Of course, that said I should also mention that one of my main goals for the year is to finish the four trunk novels that have been waiting for me to edit them and finally get them submitted somewhere. Definitely with a different publisher, as I've pretty much lost faith in my current one too, and possibly under a different pseudonym. I feel like I need to start fresh every way I can.

And if that doesn't work, well, hell, maybe it is me.


Feb. 7th, 2015 12:06 am
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 Heya!  I'm the idiot who jumped the gun and posted a check-in post even though it wasn't on the schedule LOL.  Sorry guys, hopefully no hard feelings!  

In the same way I get overly-enthusiastic about community participation, I also get overly enthusiastic with plot bunnies, hence the need to join this community XD  Although my list is probably not as long as it could be, most of the projects that I really care about are super long and involved ones, so a long-term motivational community like this one seems like just the right place to remind me that I need to slow down and give them the attention they deserve before moving onto the next shiny, instant!gratification fic.  I did a bunch of those in 2014 and was not overly impressed with any of them.  

I write both fanfic and original fiction.  For fanfic, I'm currently in HP fandom, though I've dabbled a bit in other anime/manga fandoms, especially PoT Rikkai fic.   I'm seriously considering graduate school for a Creative Writing MA (our local uni doesn't offer MFAs) and admission into the program requires a 15-page (double-spaced) writing sample.  Since most of my original fic is in the form of bits and pieces of a fantasy-genre series I've been working on for years, my focus right now is on completing a short story I've outlined to serve as my writing sample.  It's going okay, I guess!  

Writing can be really lonely since it's such a solitary activity, but it doesn't have to be!  I really believe that as writers--especially as writers who also write fanfiction, for the most part--we all have so much more in common with each other than many of the people who cross our paths who aren't writers or artists of some kind.  I'm really happy to have met a whole bunch of kindred spirits such as you guys, and I hope that together we can embark on an ass-kicking, bunny-slaying journey this year.  Bunny #1 (Make a List) has already been amazingly helpful in helping me prioritize things, and I look forward to fun times here =)  

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What it says right up there; [personal profile] taichara, and an introduction, which I am generally bad at. *snrk*

Between writing projects of various stripes, worldbuilding projects of various stripes, That Damn Manuscript [tm], piles of trpg material I would like to get back to some time before the end of days, and many many many bits, snips and random phrases, images and inklings -- don't knock those; I've gotten whole novels from them -- I have a lot of disorganized bunnies. They cross the streams, also, which is hilarious fun and sometimes facepalm-worthy.

Trying to herd them is like trying to herd nuclear-powered cats, so I mostly don't bother; I have more of a rotating list of prioritizing and if I can get any of it out of the way I'll consider it a net gain. Some of them are jotted in notebooks or my ancient PDA, but that's as far as physical organization goes ;3

Original messes I play around with run the 'fantasy-science fantasy-scifi-what even is that' spectrum, while my fannish output mostly revolves around anime, manga, video games, and Transformers (which pretty much cross categories as they please, really) with some random weirdness like trpg settings. You can generally expect some combination of space, mechanicals, psionics, sapient critters, and the like.

I've been in a low patch for a few years, so I'm looking to make this year much better.
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I'm [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith and I have the same username over on LiveJournal. I write all kinds of different stuff.  Fiction, poetry, nonfiction.  Speculative fiction, gender studies, alternative spirituality, activism, other topics.  

Currently my most successful project is the Poetry Fishbowl.  I set a theme, ask people for prompts, then write poems based on whatever ideas they give me.  I've been doing this for just over 7 years now; my DW archive currently has 4352 poems.  Many of these belong to series, which you can find on my Serial Poetry page.  

I also do some other stuff like shared worlds.  Some of these have whole webs of plotlines that intersect.  It varies how much the different writers collaborate or diverge.  Once a month, [community profile] crowdfunding hosts a Creative Jam where folks can leave or claim prompts, and several of the shared worlds are available there for everyone to play with.  Do you have plots but no place to put  them?  Check out the open sandboxes and see if any of them fit.

For the most popular series, I have some notes of things that need to happen.  One thing I'd like to try this year is plot advancement, since one of my readers pointed out how that's not happening as fast as it could be.  So I'm hoping to make one of my bonus mid-month fishbowls about not just a specific series, but about plot points in that series.  Want to help me kill some plotbunnies?  Pick any of my series you like that has a particular storyline (some do, some don't) and think of a next logical step to prompt for, then catch me during any open prompt call and ask for it.  Frex, Path of the Paladins is about fixing their wreck of a world and eventually getting the goddess Gailah back into power.

I do have a general goal list each year, but not much in the way of plot-specific prompts.  (My creativity has manual steering, not auto.)  I'm hoping to use this community for reminders to pay attention to plot progression, check out what other folks are doing, and have a place to say, "Yay!  I finished a thingie."
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*waves*  I've been here since the comm started two years ago, and I guess I never did an intro either!

The fanfiction I've done since 2002 (under this pen name or as Animom) is my second bout of fandom; I was also fannish in college in the late 1970s, in the preinternet days of printed fanzines for Star Trek and Star Wars. Now I primarily write for anime/manga and videogame fandoms (though I'm eyeing some comic book and television fandoms).

In a way, compared to [personal profile] kalloway I'm at the opposite end of the plunny-shaped curve. I have only a few bunnies, but they are ancient and large. I cede squatter's rights to anything still hopping around in my brain after 2 or 3 years; at that point I feel obligated to write it.  For example, I spent most of 2013 finishing up stories that been conceived / outlined in 2004, and my current WIP, a long chaptered story for the Warcraft fandom, is a story that I've been mullng since 2007.

Kalloway and I do have something in common, though (actually I'll bet most of us here do): I am too easily distracted by the Shiny and New… which wouldn't be a problem if it didn't make the old seem dull. To combat this I literally will not allow myself to read/watch something I think I might like if I'm still wrestling with a longform WIP, a deprivation that amuses friends and family no end. (Okay, I must confess that now and again I "cheat" on my current fandom, but only for pinch hits or oneshots. Quickies!)

What else? I like Scrivener as a writing tool. Sometimes I blast things out on a single sitting, but most of the time I produce works by accretion—little snips of scenes and bits of dialogue get arranged and rearranged like a mental storyboard, and then I make pass after pass through the draft to fill in the rest. (Yes, I'm a compulsive editor. I like doing the line by line wordsmithing as much as I enjoy sketching in the first draft of a story with broad strokes.) ~ This means that I usually spend weeks or even months tinkering with a piece unless I have an inflexible deadline.

What I enjoy most about this comm is that a) it's low pressure, entirely lacking in "Have-To" imperatives—I already have enough of those in my life—and b) it's a general comm for discussing the writing process that embraces both fanfiction and original work on an equal basis.

May we all be scribbling for years to come!

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Hi! I'm [personal profile] kalloway. And I'm not just president of the hare club; I'm a member, too.

I have a long plotbunny list. I keep it in a half-sized notebook, which gets copied over whenever it fills up. I don't have the list online anywhere, possibly because it's hard enough keeping up with one version of it. Most everything on it could be written in under a thousand words and I think a whole chunk is actually a drabble sequence or something. Right now it's sitting at 770 with about 70 checkmarks, but I am also still compiling.

This year, I want to finish off some editing projects and work on a lot of long-dangling multi-chapter WiPs. I can apparently write three chapters of anything before getting distracted by the next shiny thing...

I also want to write a few hundred of the short things, which sounds sort of like a ridiculous goal but at this point I don't know if that even covers the lurking bingo cards...

Mostly, I write for various anime/manga and video game fandoms, though I write some original and semi-original/meta-fiction stuff too.

My main problem is that my brain is pretty much always zipping along at warp-speed. That means that even though I'm supposed to be finishing a nearly-done (and quite due) story for Project 1, it's already thinking on Projects 2-5 and wanting to review canon and ramble and generally ignore Project 1 because that's so five minutes ago! So aside from vast quantity of projects, I'm working on refining my abilities to focus. ^^;;

I look forward to chatting with everyone who's returned from previous years and getting to know everyone new to the comm. I will do my best not to accidentally breed any of my plotbunnies in your direction. ^^;; results may vary

New Member

Oct. 22nd, 2014 09:42 pm
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Hey all! I'm new to this comm. Female, American, graduated from college last spring. I haven't written any fanfiction down for quite a while, but I have made it a goal for myself to make myself actually write down and post several of the fanfics that have been floating around in my head for for a long time. They are all so detailed and highly developed it seems ridiculous to keep them in my head and call them plotbunnies anymore. Anyhow, nice to meet you all and I would love to hear any inspirational stories or tips *wink*
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Your community description definitely resonates. I've got a 160K+ word half-done fanfic in progress (not posted anywhere yet, not till it's completed); another 150K+ fanfic in progress that I did post, then put on hiatus, then re-activated it after a couple of years. I've also got a 25K or so word long novella that's also being posted after a 6 week or so break.

In between I've done a bunch of short stories. Having three things going on at once is a bit too much, so I'm trying to manage it. It's nice to know that other people do this, too, and that recovery is possible! ;-)

I don't need deadlines (although Camp NaNoWriMo was fun) or prompts, or encouragements to write. It's just that I get another idea, and then am off and running, despite having stuff on the burners. It's more a matter of needing to suppress the urge to start something new before finishing the old.

Anyway, thanks for making this comm, and I'm glad to be here.


Jul. 17th, 2014 10:46 pm
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Hello! I'm doing an extremely late intro (sort of following Morbane's example, because I was really busy in February/March... :c).

Anyways! I'm not totally sure what to say, but I'm Anna! I'm a recent college graduate, but I've been writing fairly voraciously since I was about 10, and before I even properly knew what fanfic was I was writing OC Harry/Luna children (liking Harry Potter when you didn't have total access to the internet until you were 18 or so was weird). These days, I'm mostly into anime fandom (especially sports shonen), and my current projects are as follows:

1. Haikyuu!! Big Bang, which is due at the end of August
2. A mystery fic for another fandom, due at the beginning of August
3. A rather overly ambitious AU WIP, which I started for a Guess the Author challenge and thus tried to write a little less predictably than normal. Now I'm regretting it.
4. Bingo cards for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo and [community profile] getyourwordsout

I also try to participate in [community profile] verbosity every week! If you follow the Kuroko no Basket fandom, then there's a slightly larger chance that you've seen me around on the Ao3, my UN there is [archiveofourown.org profile] nullityCoder.

Looking forward to actually talking in this comm instead of just... lurking! Happy writing to everyone!

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