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Hello again. I'm sure at least a few of you remember me! It's been months since I last visited. ^^; Really long story short; back in January of this year, I noticed something that was really wrong, that at least CBS, ABC, and NBC News did investigative reports about, before all of mainstream media news had went quiet after this government agency (FEMA) got busted for trying to cover-up their past rotten scheme. They were doing nothing about the thousands of innocent people become seriously ill due to long exposure of formaldehyde from the trailers FEMA gave to them. The reports were aired in 2007. I saw a documentary on the aftermath of this failed cover-up, uploaded on YouTube in late August of last year. I looked, and looked, and looked but there was nothing on mainstream media about the researcher and medical anthropologist. Nicholas Shapiro is his name. He tracked the trailers down and helped people who were sill living in them, uninformed of unsafe formaldehyde levels.

That's when my journey to gathering knowledge and helping to influence major positive change toward humanity began.

Along the way, I've written a bunch of poetry! Some of it's been political satire, and some of them just fall into a miscellaneous category. If my Kingdom Hearts muses are still interested, then sure, I'll go back to focusing on an all new fan-fiction - a really interesting and powerful concept of one at that.

I'll share my poem about the three certain muses of mine. All the many others in Nexus Head-space must have been busying themselves with things. lol

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Apr. 20th, 2015 04:19 am
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I finished one out of the three partially written pieces that I was hoping to complete, "Between a Whale's Past and Present."  With some help, I also finished the list of poems for the half-price sale that runs April 20-26.  Finally, we got a second storyline guide finished and revealed, for Antimatter & Stalwart Stan

Yay.  Yay.  *goflopnow*
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I'm sort of x-posting this off my own blog. I've been making at least some creative progress. Yay.

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Track Description: A while back, I started messing around with these cool hip hop beats and FX loop. That all blends together pretty nice! This is how this track started. I later created a simple bassline and fooled with some synth notes for all the melodies.

Why this title: because of the soft drips going on in the background of that soft drone-like loop I inserted. I visualized exploring some underground cave path while mixing, editing and picking, doing that some more...

It's short, I know. I didn't really plan much on how "Catacombs" was going to sound, but I'm still overall fond of it. (I have so much in mind for this remix that's still in progress.)

About an hour after I uploaded this onto my SoundCloud page, three people clicked on the heart button already. I've yet to hear back from people on on this one... I've yet to make a picture slideshow video version of this later, on my YouTube music channel. :)


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