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Hey everyone! I hope you're having a lovely day. I come to you with a humble request for assistance because my characters are being stubborn. (And lo, no author was surprised that day.)

I need help figuring out the end of Act 1 in my current medieval(ish) fantasy short story.

Here's the situation. You're a warrior from a kingdom where magic is outlawed, sent to hunt down and bring back the head of a witch who has made an (unsuccessful) attempt on the prince's life. You find her deep in the forest, coaxing a plant back to life under her hands. Inexplicably, she knows your name before you say a word to her. (Creepy.)

You shoot three arrows at her: the first two hit her but she's not affected like a normal person would be, and the third one she redirects with a wave of her hand and it falls to the ground. She says if you try anything more extreme (like decapitation or fire-setting) she'll kill you, but if you turn around now and leave her alone, she won't hurt you. However, you know that if you return to your kingdom without proof of the witch's death, the court will have you executed for failing to perform your duty to the crown.

What do you do, and why?

ETA: You people are wonderful! I think I know roughly where I'm going with this. Will post the link here when I'm done.
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So, I'm looking for someone who is knowledgeable about Japanese names and their meanings (and ideally, is familiar with the "Noragami" fandom). Or, short of that, a recommendation for another site/resource where I might be able to inquire of a person with that qualification. If anyone can help, I would much appreciate it!

(FWIW, I've developed a crossover plot bunny which calls for the lead character of "Noragami" to adopt/name a couple of other characters. However, the particular naming process in "Noragami" carries huge significance and is a bit complicated, so I need some help to get it right.)
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For those familiar with the "Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle" manga/anime (because I think there are a couple of you here): may I ask if anyone might be willing to provide a little one-time beta reading of a gen one-shot? It's my first work in this fandom, and it's for a fic exchange, so I would very much appreciate it if someone else who knows the canon could double-check my perceptions of things. :)

(With other fandoms, I'm normally confident enough to work without a beta reader per se... but I'll be honest here. While I love some things about the canon story of T:RC, there's a good chunk of other goings-on that leave my brain tilted, no matter how much I reread/rewatch. It would just help to know if my interpretations aren't too far off.)
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Hi there! I know this may be a long shot, but I'm looking for a beta for Luther fandom, and I thought maybe I could find one here. I've written a piece that's Luther/Ripley, about 20k, NC-17. It takes place over the whole 3 seasons, basically it's about how their angsty gay love affair is totally canon. I would love a content beta who can tell me how IC the characters are, how my pacing is, where I'm doing too much telling instead of showing, etc. Also Britpick & SPAG are a plus but not necessary.

I'm happy to do a beta exchange. I'm a professional copyeditor, so I can offer you some rocking beta services in exchange for this. I can do SPAG for any fandom, and I can content edit in Merlin, Inception Sherlock, Harry Potter, Thor, Iron Man, XMen FC, Orphan Black, GoT, Walking Dead, Lost Girl... Just ask and there's a chance I know the show/books. In video games and anime, I'm unfortunately useless in terms of content.

Thank you! And thank you mods for letting me post this.
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Hello, fellow bunny-hunters!

I am wondering what sort of tools you use for your writing. Specifically, I'm looking for a timelining tool. I used to use Liquid Story Binder, but I've since switched to Macs, and Scrivener (while amazing in almost every way) does not have a timelining tool.

So what do you use? Pen and paper? Excel? Some fabulous piece of software I do not yet know of? (I do have Windows installed in a VM on both of my Macs, so I technically could go back to LSB or use a Windows-only tool, but I'd prefer Mac-native if you know of one!)
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I think the universe knew I was trying to make plans out of the hash that is my neurons last evening.

I have [community profile] genprompt_bingo to get to, something like two stories to actually do something with + things I still haven't managed to add to a longer project in over a year, other story/setting fragments that aren't gelling together yet, and game material I'd like to actually write.

And every bloody time I think I might get a crack in the door the universe beats me with a hammer.




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