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Hello, it is time for another weekly check-in! How's everyone doing this week?

This is a bit late, because my life has been taken over by Tiny Niece and birthdays and Easter, and this week has been way too busy. But if I have achieved anything in the last week, it is finally finishing the Pasithea's City draft, so now it runs from beginning to end. :D Now I just need to finish the other two novels. I may not get all three done this year, but Camp NaNo will help me get a chunk of work done I wouldn't otherwise do, so that's better than nothing.

Mostly, I have been doing world-building and working out timelines, which I needed to do in order to keep on writing. With three novels all converging into the same timeline, I really did need to sit down and figure out how they all fit together, and what I need to work on next, so at least I'll have somewhere to go now that that's out of the way. I do not recommend trying to reconcile three different calendars based on three different methods (Gregorian, stellar, lunar), it is an exercise in yelling at ancient Greeks for not using a more consistent calendar system.

I have a few other things I still want to work on, little chaptered bits and pieces I still need to finish, but nothing is set in stone for this weekend. Tiny Niece is coming over on Sunday, so there will be one more weekend of busy-ness before my life is back to normal. I still have managed about 8.6k for Camp NaNo so far, which I'm pretty happy with, all things considered.

Share your trials and triumphs with us below., and how you've been going this month. Feel free to share the 4th last sentence you wrote last week, if you like.
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