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Make a list.

Of every fic/art/icon/whatever-bunny you have that you would like to write/create sometime in the foreseeable future. This includes bingo cards, big bangs, comment fics, exchanges, random plotbunnies, sequels, etc. This can also include other projects; I know people have added in things like knitting, semester projects, etc.

Detail it if you want to. You can be as vague as you like. No one ever has to see your list but you and if you know what 'Cabbage No. 2' means, that's good enough.

Do it either in your own journal or in a paper notebook or in the comments or whatever. In the past, I've used one of those fancy blank notebooks I bought with high hopes and then found too intimidating to write in. They're really good at holding lists. Quite a few people also use spreadsheets and GoogleDocs.

You can organize however you'd like - ficlets together, epics together, or by fandom, or by what they're for or when they're due... Or don't organize at all. But one list, in one place.

If a single listing for Super Mega-Epic Fic feels a little intimidating, it's fine to break complicated stuff down by chapter or even by section. Super Mega-Epic Fic, Chapter 3 is easier for me to think about, even if it means immediately adding Super Mega-Epic Fic, Chapter 4...

Take your time. Look through old notebooks, textfiles, e-mail, journal entries, and that dusty back-corner of your brain... Round up everything.

And hang onto that list. You'll need it.

[For everyone rolling along from last year, this is also a check-in post if you want it to be!]
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